Hello y’all, my name is Alexander Chamorro. I’m a consultant, artist, and a notary. You may get in contact with me by doing this form.

I live in Richmond, Virginia with my partner and our two cats. Currently I like to spend my free time eating at new restaurants in my city, going to museums, getting out in nature, and snuggling with my cats in front of the TV.

I earned my Bachelor of Arts in New Media at SUNY Purchase. I went to school originally to level up my expertise in graphic design.

During my time in school, I learned that making art not only adds beauty to our world, but it’s a way for marginalized communities to make change in the world.
I’ve spent the past few years excelling in jobs as a manager and banker in New York. I’ve been known to share personal finance advice with my friends during that time.

I'm currently working on achamorro.com to be a resource for artists to better understand personal finances. I get excited when getting to know artists that support themselves primarily through their art.

My favorite part of my banking experience was educating clients on the best solutions to feel confident in their money choices. Now I want to do that for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my bio. You’re one of my favorite people!

I take pride in being an artist. I want you to as well.